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Who We Are

We’re a team of normal people who have just had enough of bad tenants ruining people’s businesses and incomes. It’s affected us before and we thought that this site could save everybody a lot of money and time.

If you are a real estate business, private owner, property manager or just the neighbour, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Everybody has a horror story about “that tenant”. This is the place for those stories. We’ve built this site so you can share them, keep each other safe and check up on your tenants.

We believe in the power of a positive reputation, so you can see when somebody has been a good or bad tenant by the feedback left by others. It’s all part of the service.

Services we Offer

Share your nightmare clients with those who need to know by posting their name and information for all the world to see. Learn from others’ experiences with bad tenants by searching by name or information, or check the website list itself.

Subscribe to to receive regular updates and more about potential threats to your business. For a fee of just $1.99 you can access our lists of troublesome tenants, and even if they’ve just left an unpaid bill, you’ll find it here.

Leave positive or negative feedback on a tenant: detail whether they left on good or bad terms. You can pay $1.99 to check their rental history on Compared to the extortionate prices charged by some tenant reputation sites, our fees are the best value and a worthy investment for anyone trying to protect their business.

Check Your Rental History Online

Credits are used to search and leave feedback for tenant.
For just $1.99 you can check our comprehensive list of tenants for their reputation, positive or negative. Read what other real estate businesses have said about them, make the best decisions and save yourself tens of thousands of dollars!

Purchase a bundle of credits or do a single search using 1 credit for $1.99.

1 Credit - $1.99

Bundle of 10 - $17.99

Bundle of 20 - $35.99

Bundle of 30 - $53.99

We also offer unlimited credit for limited time. Kindly contact us via email

Why Choose Us?

Because as far as we can tell, we’re the only place you can get this kind of information at a reasonable price. Where else can you get reliable information like this about known bad tenants? We’re just a group of frustrated people who want the same thing you want: a good way of avoiding nightmare tenants.

Our site is regularly updated and comprehensive, there’s as much detail as we can find on everyone who has caused themselves to be here and it’s really easy to check on them. In 45 seconds you can know whether they’re legitimate or not. That 45 seconds could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s why you should choose us.

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Your feedback is what makes this site possible, so share your nightmare stories and your glowing recommendations right here.


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